1st period ap enviro sci.🌏
2nd period ap calculus 📑
3rd period phys ed/health 🏃🏿‍♀️
4th period high elemental stud.
lunch break 🥪
5th period ap french 📘
6th period powers lab 💥
3:30pm ⇢ earth & sky goddesses society. (mon), 3:30pm ⇢ herbology & black pagan ritual assoc. (tues/thurs), 4:00pm ⇢ varsity cheer (fall/winter season). (m/w/f/s), 3:30pm ⇢ environmental club. (w), 5:00pm ⇢ chubby's (w/f/s), 12:00pm ⇢ community garden volunteer. (sat/sun)

tropes beware of the nice ones, Go-Getter Girl, Bolt of Divine Retribution, dude magnet, good is not soft, Extracurricular Enthusiast, Bittersweet Seventeen, Strict Parents Make Sneaky Kids
dating compromise for what?!
sister circle rami, more to come??
friendly with loves everyone in this bar!!!
misc. was taught to hide the small chip on her shoulder from her complicated beginnings, replacing it for far reaching aspirations instead. has dreams of following a non-traditional collegiate route by digging into the arts as a singer, but is held to a demanding and constrictive standard by her adoptive parents. has seen acceptance letters from howard university, morris college, uni of delaware, with a promise of a full ride to sf state on a cheer scholarship. is falling out of love with the sport in favor of fueling a more burgeoning spirital identity, which she hopes to help reconcile an increasing disturbance within due to her mutant gift. enjoys her alone time as much as she enjoys the company of friends or those with inviting energies, including the wicked.
places of escape gym, the max, the school's mall, big sis' place, chubby's, bewitched, twin peaks