full name Lola Anais Daniels
dob & age 8 May 1978 ◦ 43
hometown Boston, MA
current residence san francisco, ca
status Minding my business
education Umass-Lowell
occupation Climatologist
As pragmatic in nature, her devotion for caring for others has gifted her the tools to be welcoming and nurturing. Lola is often soft spoken, with a cleverness that accompanies an attentive mind. Factual understanding of the mysteries of life, including the behaviors of fellow humans, interest her. There's always a finish to what is started, save for the times of disruption which can throw her off her axis. Creative expressions shine through music. Also to be used as a coping mechanism, which she's never been unable to stray far away from. Commonly mild mannered even through trying times, with a few exceptions. Life is always taken serious and has deep punctures from experiences that can cause shift in moods in extreme nature. Unhappiness and turmoil on an emotional scale is not far from enduring. As a desire to be understood, verbal expression is limited to an extent that there is difficulty to divulge her innermost thoughts even to those closest to her. personality type
skills / likes & dislikes Lola is a skilled vocalist, with experience that spans over 30yrs. Sung in choirs in the church in her youth. Has done the same during more organized collectives between high school and college. Finally put her style of music in the forefront by joining a jazz band in the summer of '12. Has since grown as a vocalist and with a well rounded stage performance as the gigs were less amateur and more professional. Sounds vocally like rebecca ferguson: claim 1, 2, 3

nature, vinyl records, blues, classic r&b, jazz, danceball/soca, learning, house plants, cooking, embracing culture, including her own, positive energies, thunderstorms, rain, singing, harmonizing at random, volunteering, working with children, sparring, flying, beef patties, hugs, dancing, hair bonnet, nightgowns, cruelty free products, self-care, self-love, homeopathic remedies

snow, disenfranchisement, compliment fishing, physical threats, out of place emotions, loneliness, lying, losing control, iPhones, reality television, poor stereotypes/archetypes in media, lack of representation, intolerance, biting, misleading information, culture vultures, pollutants, corrupt or unjust policies
the family
bryce daniels, adoptive father (deceased)
former professor of earth science & afro-american studies @ boston u. of jamaican heritage.
vivian daniels, adoptive mother (64)
juvenile advocate & former student advancement coordinator for a non-profit.
paige daniels, adoptive sister (45)
real estate lawyer living with her live-in bf, neil.
olivia daniels, adoptive cousin (35)
travel agent who resides in kingston, ja. a fete chaser by heart.
carianne hadley, bio mother (??)
not much is known of her whereabouts. through third party, may not want to be found.
bernadette hadley, aunt (53)
writer and social event planner who lives in a cozy brownstone in brooklyn, ny.
julien knowles, bio father (??)
limited info is known. last known location is camden, new jersey.
maya knowles, half-sister (29)
registrars at museum of afro american history, student.
simone knowles, half-sister (7)
a kid whiz and future scientist in the making, with a penchant for sunnies theft.
Marley Lewis, foster daughter (7)
fostering since may of 2019, adopted dec of 2020, Marley has brought sunshine and sealed purpose to the life of Lola & her family. sister and mama daniels helping to be the village that raises her.
herstory Memories were as much power as one could hold. Links to the past had a way of always affecting the present, the relationships created and how a person looked into themselves. Lola Daniels had her reckoning with the past for as long as her adult life allowed. Remembering through the eyes of a toddler came at an expense of innocence when she first learned of how much desertion would be a walking theme. Born of a woman who too faced trouble due to a flawed bedrock, the child as it seemed never had a shining start as she was meant for. Carianne or Cari to the demons she played fast and easy with, was left ill-equipped with heavy handed approaches that made for making deals with the vastness of a life which swallowed her whole.

It nearly pulled her and a child she may have sworn love for but not enough with the lack of durability to protect and ensure that love could help break the hold substances, and broken promises of men held over the woman. This level of neglect had its set of consequences, which put a vulnerable child at risk of neglect. When it had, the state of Massachusetts stepped in. The intent may have been to properly repel the misfortunes of a neglectful parent but the insidious channels that state-care were built upon, wasn't the right place for a young Lola to thrive in.

Her transition to foster home from foster home was in essence tumultuous. Peace would be cradled with one family, and begin an upheaval with another, meeting caches of abuses no child should endure. Some protections came at the oversight of older children she shared space with. Aging into the knowledge that life would be challenging even with children met at their worst disadvantage. Though not all despair would sully her childhood as a chance was given by the way of the Daniels. Being in their care was a temporary stop, but the couple, along with a child of their own, showed what stability, love and care looked like.

The couple eventually welcomed Lola into the fold as their own nearing her 8th birthday. The Daniels, with their dual cultural norms, favored the roots of Lola's biological family she didn't have the privilege to know or understand. They used their own upbringings and hard values to help inspire and pad the young child's esteem needed to bloom. A cultivation of dreams often thought unreachable in the eyes of children discarded, was possible under the guidance of her new family. Bravery and perseverance was taught continually so that troubles faced would be obstacles to overcome without total disruption to her dreams.

Those dreams shaped and took form into admiration for music though. It translated into notes and chords offered by composers and singers she grew up listening to. For such a young age, she gravitated towards more than the top 40 or pop that dominated the 80s when introduced to the base of modern music like the Black standards of sound by the way of Jazz to Soul and the ever evolving Rhythm and Blues. This helped build an appreciation, it helped blanket her during darkest days, and uplift a confidence where vocal ability was there in a small voice box. Prepping a voice that could only be polished through the communion of church or in front of a mirror with a brush.

Her push in that direction was halted at times for the push of academia by her adoptive father. Being one of the unspoken debts to be paid for their opening a home to her. Rather a derailment of desires softening any continuance of singing, she bided her time. Worrying only of things children worried about, growing into the image of what a young woman was thought to be by the direction of her parents. While they too were fighting internally and externally for upper mobility in their respective fields, Lola swept through adolescence and began hitting academic strides once applied effort came at the world on a collegiate level.

Being away from home was the freedom anyone pined for but also became the slight unraveling of one's focus. She worked through the missteps and continued on while earning a slight respect for the field of study, that later contributed to her growing ambitions to work in the field of meteorology. Her gears of singing for a living had fallen behind as she journeyed through internships with radio stations, which then catapulted her in the interest of broadcasting. Her time working both forms of media, was the rise that she never expected to fall from when the time came for it. Her continued seeking of learning the field and shifting gears, was the same for a career tiding over.

While her career had matched the wants of her parents, it did little for the upward mobility of her personal life. Lola saw great potential leave with the men she sought companionship in, and the acts of foiled faith, further contributed to issues of distrust that played many a role in the things she wanted or lacked any want for. Although personal life suffered through the focus of a working career, she tried to find solace in the collective of a band that was more of a hobby. She took on many projects, out of desperation to channel disappointments and anger, including the time as the noise of interdimensional interference happened to leave shock to her world. An intrusion of another consciousness became the shift where it affected all parts of her life, including the loss of a parent, to the discovery of family, and the shambles her identity as a person was left in.

Since being raptured by the shifts for these recent years, her pains and joys have been the catalyst of a self discovery that continues to this day. Bringing in a search and discovery of what matters and how ideals that once were, evolve into a fully realized circle that pointed in the direction of the past to shape what her present currently is, even if powers beyond control has a way of re-writing an unlikely outcome.
detailed facts β‡’ has a growing obsession with house plants, owning many varieties as terafloras are her favorite
β‡’ between vinyls and wigs collection, she has a special room dedicated to each
β‡’ as a gift to herself at her 40th birthday, she traveled to nairobi and mombasa, kenya on a soul searching trip
β‡’ gifted herself a g-wagon from the money saved from domme work and job promotion
β‡’ totes big purses/bags for outings + tupperwear, which becomes the mary poppins tote
β‡’ raised african methodist episcopal zion, or the AME Zion Church but has been leaning more into an african spiritual and wellness journey to further step away from organized religion, especially christianity
β‡’ was the lead vocalist for a jazz band, that served the boston nightlife community 2012 - 2016
β‡’ due to the snappening, her involvement in big brother, big sister program took the place of a former boston children’s fostering org where she volunteered.
β‡’ has an affinity to all programming on the lifetime network, including it's sister channel LMN
β‡’ due to her expertise and additional connection to the earth, via storm's mutant ability, lola occasionally does speaking engagements for highschools, colleges, and seminars about her career trajectory to inform and inspire, especially young black girls and women about an importance of finding their place in STEM despite its hardships and rigged academic systems
β‡’ was a former on-air meteorologist for channel 5 news WCVB-TV; abc affiliate (2006-2013), but has since put that behind her
β‡’ has took on a gig in private to help cope with cv interferences, as a professional domme under the name mistress reina munroe
β‡’ partnered with other volunteers and community leaders to spearhead bryce grove community garden named on behalf of her late father and dedicated to former mentorees of silver lining mentoring, now continues the work in collaboration with big brothers, big sisters program.
β‡’ adopted two parrots ash & basil
β‡’ actively runs a supper club that meets occasionally in random event spaces to share food to get to know others
β‡’ inherited money from father’s death, opened a jazz parlor secretly located in the mission district, with her eldest sister. is part proprietor of malkia.
β‡’ held jobs in various meteorology/climate fields post broadcasting gig, from climate analyst to sr. enviornmental & air quality specialist, to consulting.
β‡’ offers and curates lifeskills cooking classes through al's diner, which helps at-risk youth in foster care, to women survivors of domestic violence, and lgbtq+ young adults.
comicverse info Storm (Ororo Munroe) is a descendant of an ancient royal line of white-haired, blue-eyed sorceresses (possibly mutants), who get their defining features every five generations. Her royal heritage can be traced back since the dawn of humanity and her family's kingdom lies hidden in the Great Rift Valley of Africa, the valley that spawned the human race itself. The power in her family is transferred from mother to daughter. Her mother, Princess N'Dare, rebelled against their tradition as she felt that she was forced to do the role that was given to her. She then married an American photojournalist, David Munroe, and they lived in Manhattan... ( comicvine source )
comic info con't comicverse tie-ins leadership role in mentoring foster children and former at-risk youth much like storm's involvement with xavier's school for the gifted
former on-air meterologist, continues to work in the field through a career in climatology
white lock of hair as birth marker
stands at nearly 6ft at 5'11", similiar to storm's statuesque frame

memories veil lift
memories of ororo's life pre-x-men
memories of x-men
memories of wakanda
memories of avengers
memories of alternate timelines

weaknesses Claustrophobia
Emotional Influence
Physical Condition
Naturally Occurring Limitation
powers, abilities & items main power source atmokinesis (weather manipulation)
    will power/telepathic resistance
    earth link
    thermal variance
    energy vision
    magic potential
       maternal powers
       ancestor ashake
superhuman durability
weather mimicry
    the power of faith

identifiable marks & gear white hair & blue eyes
stormcaster (updated)
knife & staff
lock picks
ancestral ruby

knowledgable skills & experience master thief
expert combatant
weapon proficiency
expert tactician
expert gardener
diplomatic immunity

iconic uniforms original storm uniform
asgard armor
90s white era uniform
x-treme x-men era uniform
2000's era
marvel now era uniform
extraordinary x-men uniform
x-men red uniform
amazonian costume
off-canon rewards non-canon collectables cerebro/cerebra app
witching cloak
bloodgem ring
al’s diner
friday ai system
business administration
computer operation
adamantium bracelets