Weekly update June 9, 2016
Amazonas environmentalist and activist found, suspects detained.
The Atlantic
Special authorities of Mucajai and agent's of Brazil's environmental agency, Ibama, were tipped off with leads to the possible whereabouts of Fiona Gonclaves, who's been one of many key speakers and activists for indigenous peoples of the Amazon. Gonclaves was reported missing April 22nd 2016, last seen in the midst of protesting along side members of a private organization and the Yanomani people of Northern Brazil, to ignite more government awareness of illegal gold mining and other effects deforestation has had on their land. A representative of Ibama has reported receiving intelligence from various secured sources on whereabouts of Gonclaves along with other members of their organization. Suspects in the kidnapping and assault of Conclaves, were found in a secluded mining camp on the outskirts of Uraricoera River's bank on the early morning of June 9, 2016. In continued efforts of disbanding illegal gold mining, which was reported in April, the targeted camp along with one other, was destroyed. Five mining suspects were found unconscious, bound by rope and left blindfolded. Two were injured, but feared for their safety when questioned about their apprehension, said a rep from Ibama. Conglaves and her colleagues had been imprisoned for weeks, for reasons related to her strenuous work for the welfare of the Yanomani tribe and rainforest conservation. "She's grateful for being freed, found, and able to speak about this horrendous act to silence her." A spokesperson for Conglaves has stated. When questioned of how the environmentalist was found and released, she uttered no words with her memory still murky, obviously still harboring signs of trauma...
UFO sighting and disappearance after bizarre lightening storm in Amazonas, Brazil.
Footage submitted in the afternoon of April 9, shows a colossal cloud looming over the skyline of Manau. With reports of sightings coming from other cities between the states of Amazonas, Roraima, and the bordering country of Venezuela. Claims of an UFO identified as shiny or bright suspended closely to a massive lightening storm before being engulfed in the system. More than 40,000 views and counting, since its upload by…
Controversial construction of Amazonas dam project destroyed after Wednesday night's bizarre storm.
The Guardian
River dams in construction near Amazon's basin have been stalled a month ago after land was demarcated for various indigenous tribes living in villages near the basin. Dozens of dam projects have been in development, which have been the most controversial types of infrastructure in the ecologically sensitive region of the Amazon. Ibama, Brazil's environmental agency, has suspended the licensing process for one hydroelectric dam slated to be up in running by August 2016. It would be Brazil's second largest, after Belo Monte, which began operating in April. Sources close to the development of the dam, claimed it's construction, which was at estimated at 80% completed, had been destroyed by effects of an abnormal storm system. Collapsed foundation, construction equipment, and parts of construction had been severely destroyed. What should have been large debris, has been spotted near the city of Manau...
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