"Rare Weather"
Weekly update March 28, 2017
Apocalyptic clouds strike panic over rare weather concerns in the northeast.
As rain was to be expected for the start of the week, no one would have guessed there would be a shift in the forecast as footage of a series of rare but grim looking clouds began to develop in the early hours of Monday. Time-lapsed videos submitted have shown the rare 'undulatus asperatus' appearing near and almost surpassing coastal cities of New Jersey all the way towards Maine. Wide spread concerns of an impending and dangerous storm would soon follow, after the formations also known as 'asperitas' clouds appeared low-lying, which are developed from weather fronts that create undulating waves in the atmosphere. Dramatically dependent upon varied levels of illumination and cloud thickness, one would view the formation as a roughened sea surfaced from below. Some meteorologists declared the formation to be no more threatening than expected thunderstorms in particular parts of the northeast. Spectators who were not familiar felt differently at first before the morning's forecast brought nothing but precipitation. As weakened low pressures from Great lakes proceed to breeze along New England tonight and the following day, its advancement will pull in warm air and help dislodge assume chill. This does not, nor the pressure pattern from early Monday, contribute to the exposure of the formations that hung over, creating the fear of judgment day...
Rare weather, northern lights glow over northeast & midwest.
USA Today
NOAA recently collected data that suggested a G3 magnetic storm developed peculiarly over the course of a few hours on the evening of March 26. According to the G3 classification, the surge of the disturbance already considerably lower than usual, managed to contribute to what is known as aurora borealis. Monday evening's chances of seeing the phenomena still active was fairly high, according to a representative of the NOAA. Due to the strength of the storm, the high visibility, with possibility of clearer skies, could be seen from parts of New England, a few states south of the region to as far as Springfield, MO. Lucent shades of green, violent, fuchsia and yellow lit up the skies during the overnight of the March 26 and other glints after peaking during pre-dawn hours of March 27...
Coast guard rescues stranded female near Point Judith following rare weather concerns.
While on standard patrol during the mid-morning to early afternoon hours of March 27, The United States Coast Guard was called on to rescue what seemed to be a stranded female off the coast of Rhode Island. A local fisherman on his daily fishing route, who happened to cruise around Judith Point lighthouse, contacted Watchstanders at Sector Southeastern New England's command center around 11:46a.m. A response boat was launched from the Guard Station Point Judith in the rescue efforts. On scene, the crew in response had difficulties to get close to the woman in order to make it safely on the response boat. "As soon as we arrived, acting fast was priority because she was likely hypothermic," said Petty Officer McDonald…
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