Sustainability Coordinator & Program Specialist
Camp Anawanna - Wishon, CA
$18 - $30 an hour Seasonal

As a Sustainability Coordinator & Program Specialist, you will be an active participant in most camp activities and will assist your Director with variety of daily tasks, with the goal of creating a memorable and safe camp experience for your campers. You will be directly responsible for implementing weekly specialized activities, upon approval and in coordination with your Camp Director. Anawanna's Counselors and staff with specialties interact with our campers for the entire day, guiding with the development of friendship, attempting new things, and putting their well-being above all with care. To allow every youth to progress differently in each area, with a primary focus on personal goal outcomes, creates a warm and caring environment where campers feel comfortable taking growth related risks and providing exceptional levels of assistance where Anawanna campers can flourish in. The role is to participate, build relationships and also have fun while ensuring safety is held up both physically and emotionally for every camper.

Anwanna Preferred Qualities:
  • CPR/First Aid certification, or certification prior to summer camp start date
  • Ability to demonstrate professionalism, be enthusiastic, responsible, dependable, flexible, calmness and compassion in all situations
  • Ability to work with children, with aided growth in character, experiences and insights
  • Planning successfully with room for different execution, adapting, prepare for and structure weekly activities
  • Documented experience in environmental conservation, knowledge of unique abilities, and general combative arts
  • Completed 4 years of college or equivalent
Sustainability Coordinator Responsibilities:
  • Develop instructions, projects, and day programs on topics related to environmental sustainability, such as: green energy, recycling & waste, sustainable living, ethical apparel, and social responsibility
  • Be at the forefront of encouraging sustainability amongst campers and their resource usage
  • Create a sustainability plan for improving Camp's overall resource usage and green initiatives
  • Manage small flower gardens & compost areas
Program Specialist Responsibilities (e.g. combative power arts):
  • Execute and support all aspects of the program, including overall curriculum and appropriate use of facilities for unique or gifted wielding abilities. The goal is to ensure a high level of training and progression, making sure campers are engaged and participating in a responsible manner
  • Evaluate camper skill levels based on criteria and discuss progression comparisons, providing feedback to campers for ongoing skill development
  • Participate/conduct in a maximum of 10 sessions throughout the week, including mandatory instruction, zone coaching, overnight counseling and recreation activities as assigned
  • Provide a wellness block such as guided meditative techniques (chakra, mantra, focus attention, body scan, noting, visualization, skillful compassion, resting awareness & reflection) as a cool down method to help reign in or tap into potential sources of special abilities
Our camp is located in Wishon, California in a dream location with The Doyle Springs Trail following up to Mt. Home State Forest, as a self-guided nature trail as its backdrop which broadens our camper's experience and horizons. Check the Camp Anawanna page for our website for camp dates - staff must be available to work the full camp season.

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