is this reality or not?
Have you woke up in the middle of the night or in the morning wondering if anyone picked up the license plate number on the truck that hit you? The headaches that won't quit no matter what you use or try to take care of? Whether it lasts a few hours or a week, and there is no relief, you're not dying. You're also not losing your mind if you begin to find yourself with strange and unique abilities that you would only expect to see on tv or in a movie.

Are you having strange memories that make you question how real this is and make you feel like you can relate to what is being said here? You can look at this and shake your head believing its all a bad joke and live in denial, but it would be best if you at least read it and take what's being said before making that decision. We are here to help you through this, given the opportunity, and are not asking for anything in return. Our only concern is that you understand what is going on and are safe. The rest is up to you.

We have all been through this more than a few times. This is very real and plausibly another dimension or reality. You are currently functioning as two separate people within the same body. It should only last for this entire week, but it has shortened and lengthened in time before. A week is our usual and average knowledge, beginning and ending at midnight. The first headache is the worst, but subsequent ones become easier. Your time here is only during this one week per month and not even that is promised.

There is a greater threat out there and may have something to do with all of this. Because of this, you may end up in danger. Along with the fact of all of the unknowns and how there are many types of people and not all from the same universes out there. Many hold their own groups or are functioning among themselves. From the good guys, to the bad guys, to the shades in between. If you are reading this, we are functioning under the specific belief and knowledge that you were either one of the X-Men or affiliated in some way.

We are here to help you relearn anything you do not recall, including reestablishing your fighting skills because there are people that will attack you or attempt to abduct you out there. Everything we do here is through volunteers that have been going through the same situations and circumstances you are. Nothing is mandatory.

And for a detailed list of possible questions about what you are exactly going through, so that you're not reading a repeat can be found here. There are a lot of new terms with all of this, but feel free to contact any of us to assist you with anything, even if it is simply questions about what you read or to see the mansion for yourself. Transportation can be established at your earliest convenience.

Largely as another side effect of the 'shift', the X-mansion, known to us in our home reality as its last official incarnation, Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach, has appeared. It is a standing structure located in Marin County, Los Altos Hills, CA, without rhyme or reason. The facilities within the Mansion and grounds are either present. As part of the shift, these things are unknown as why, same for the appearance of powers or items that show up. What is certain is that the mansion is a safe haven for those going through the shift and a place to feel the most at 'home' without the influence of our home world being played at our finger tips. Upon information given to you at any time during the shift, there will be offers of transportation to the mansion by any of current x-men who are well versed with the mansion and its history since the phenomenon has occurred.

Explore. Use the grounds as a means to collect yourself and other self as the memories are greatly unavoidable.

Respect. The grounds, mansion, other's space as we're all on different levels of managing the shock of the shift. There will be good days. There will be really bad days but there is support where it is needed if wanted.

Train. Build the discipline as you can with some of us willing to help you during this time when powers can come, go, and come back again but there is more to us than those abilities despite feeling lost without them. We encourage the need to relearn if you must and ask for help. Also, the mind, skills, and talents outside of our abilities can still be the most powerful asset in helping one another.

Support. You are important to the cause of maintaining any semblance of life. In the event of being compromised or a greater threat is bound to interfere, we will do our best to help and limit the onslaught of damage that can come.

present locations on the map
Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
     living spaces
     west-wing ice-palace
     free floating towers
     z'nox chamber
     security systems
     danger room/grounds activation
     medical/surgical area
     science labs
     basement/beasts' lab
     holding cells
     mission control
     war room
     blackbird [2]
     blackbird hangar bay
     basketball court
     indoor & outdoor swimming pool
     breakstone lake
     danger cave

other locations
weapon x facility
     living spaces
savage lands pangea
utopia island
mutant nation of krakoa
planet arrako (aka mars)

original text cred: ~xweapon
additional edits: ~rains